About us…

As a team we go back a long time – over 30 years in fact! So, we know what its like to build a successful family business.

Together we’ve been through the good times and the bad, we are strong and always pulling in the same direction – which ensures that our customers, new and old, always get what they need on time, on budget and of the highest quality.

The Chameleon team philosophy is that we will never let you down! Our day never ends until the final job is complete. That can mean late nights, early mornings or even 24/7 working – anything it takes to satisfy our customers’ requirements. It's hard sometimes, but the reward is that we have achieved the right result and our client is happy.

In-house print and graphic design

Mark, Adam and Michael will be your main contacts at Chameleon Print. Mark and Adam will be looking after all your print requirements. Michael is our in-house graphic designer who will help you turn your imagination into reality. Whether you need a new brand, marketing materials, stationery or promotional literature Michael can design it whilst Mark and Adam will ensure it lives in print!

This management team is supported by a fantastic group of experienced employees with a real “can do” attitude.


“My watchwords are precise, reactive and responsive – that’s why I focus on providing most of the estimates and quotes for Chameleon Print. I’m also a litho print specialist and a stickler for detail. My overriding objectives are to ensure Chameleon Print always delivers the highest quality print and service, at the very best prices, even with the tightest deadlines – for all our customers.”


“I believe that innovation, technological superiority and embracing change are the hallmarks for a successful print business and my specialist digital printing skills have enabled this business to find appropriate solutions for customers with even the biggest printing challenges. Chameleon Print should be at the forefront for any business requiring print services, because we focus on training, utilising the right materials and embracing new techniques – as well as delivering great value-for-money”


Get in touch

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